present continuous – Presente continuo

Presente continuo

We use presente continuo:

  • to say what is happenig now. Estoy escribiendo (I’m writting)
  • or to say an action that is still in progress. Estoy viajando alrededor. (I’m travelling around the world)
  • To denote an action that is being repeated over a period of time. ¿Está escribiendo una novela? (Is he writting a novel?)

ESTAR + GERUNDIO (ending -ando, -endo)

To see more examples here. And listen the Infinitive and gerund.″

For example: Estoy pensando / I’m thinking

Yo estoy pensando

estás pensando

Él/Ella está pensando

Nosotros estamos pensando

Vosotros estáis pensando

Ellos están pensando