Decimals numbers and prices in Spanish

Decimals numbers. You’ll find decimals numbers when you look at prices, for examples. But you need take a look to this post, because is different say a price and say a mathematical numbers whith decimals.

Decimals numbers:

1,40 = uno coma cuarenta (,=coma)

But when you go to buy something normally nobody use the mathematical expressions like above. And you’ll use decimals as we have learned in other posts. I’ll show you few examples again:

1,54 € : “1 euro y 54 céntimos”, “1 con 54”, “1 euro con 54 céntimos”, “uno cincuenta y cuatro”.

45,99 €: “45 euros y 99 céntimos”, “45 con 99”. “45 euros con 99 céntimos”, “cuarenta y cinco noventa y nueve”.


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