Aficiones y tiempo libre (hobbies and free time)

Me gusta leer libros significa ‘I like to read books’

So, I’ll show you how to say in Spanish the following actions:″

Leer (to read)
Cocinar (to cook)
Jugar al golf (play golf)
Montar a caballo (to ride a horse)
Montar en bicicleta (to ride a bike)
Montar en moto (to ride a motorbike)
Ir a la playa (to go to the beach)
Tomar el sol (to sunbathe)
Viajar (to travel)
Andar (to walk)
Pintar (to paint)
Nadar (to swim)
Bailar (to dance)
Escuchar música (to listen music)
Navegar por Internet (to surf by Internet)
Bucear (to dive)
Tomar fotografías (to take photos)

Short name of ‘bicicleta’ is ‘bici’, ‘televisión’ is ‘tele’, ‘fotografía’ is foto.


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