Spanish party

Few photos are upload here.

Thanks a million to all involved. We had a very nice time.


Spanish Easter

Spanish Easter is called Semana Santa. Begin with the Domingo de Ramos (Palm Sunday) and end with Lunes de Pascua (Easter Monday).

Typical element in Easter celebrations:

Procesiones (processions): Each town and city has different elements for processions. Sevilla and Málaga are two places where you can feel the emotions in streets. Through the streets  carry religious icons over thrones.


Nazarenos: Tradition tells us that in the past people who were “a sinner” could join to processions to expiate their sins and beocme forgiven. They hid their faces with a piece of cloth. Actually It’s different and you can be a “nazareno” only because about your faith.

Costaleros: People who carry  heavy thrones  with their bodys. Sometimes they are under the throne  or in front and behind it. You can see a video to imagine how it’ work, click here.

Imágenes religiosas (religious icons): Icons of the passion and death of Christ, Virgin and other saints of the church. Carry over a throne, and under it there are “costaleros”, people who carry this heavy throne with their bodys.

Pain and suffering: Spanish Easter has both element. This is because Christ had a lot of pain and suffering before his death, and all It’s about empathy, penitents and a public commemoration about last days of Christ.

Foto| Semana Santa de Avila